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GOG GR33SE Fett "cookie jar" 1oz (29,57ml)
GOG GR33SE 1 oz. jar
 Factory lubricant for all DLX Luxe, Shocker, GOG paintball markers. *Use of other lubricants will result in reduced performance.
Content 0.03 liter (431.67€ / 1 liter)
12.95€ *
GOG GR33SE Fett "cookie jar" 2oz (59ml)
GOG GR33SE 2 oz. jar
 Factory lubricant for all DLX Luxe, Shocker, GOG paintball markers. *Use of other lubricants will result in reduced performance.
Content 0.06 liter (332.50€ / 1 liter)
19.95€ *
GOG Quick-Griffschalen Schrauben, 2 Stück
GOG Snap Grip Screws, 2 pieces
Quick Snap Grip Screws are designed to allow your to open or remove your grips without the need for tools. These make changing your battery or your programming settings quick and easy. Please check with your local field/tournament league...
Content 2 piece(s) (2.98€ / 1 piece(s))
5.95€ *
Shocker 4x4 Rändelschraubensatz
Shocker 4x4 Thumbwheel Screw Kit
4 thumbscrews for the body of the Shocker, for quick opening without tools. Compatible with: Shocker Sport / 4x4 / Turbo
9.90€ *
Shocker 4x4 Turboboard Turnier Kappe, schwarz
Shocker 4x4 tournament cap, black
The cap covers the switch of the turboboard. Required on almost all tournaments. Color: Black Compatible with: Shocker Sport / 4x4 / Turbo
24.90€ *
Shocker AMP Dual Griff Set
Shocker AMP Grip Kits
Grip kits designed for your Shocker AMP - straight from the factory. With unparalleled fit and finish these grips are designed to make your Shocker AMP stand out from the crowd! The unique grip design allows all diagnostic holes to be...
39.95€ *
Shocker AMP Ersatzteil: Augen, Solenoid Platine
Shocker AMP Solenoid/Vision Board
The Shocker AMP Solenoid/Vision Board is located on the body of the AMP. The Solenoid and the Vision System plug into it. Together with the Main Board this Solenoid/Vision Board enables the wireless connection between the gripframe and...
24.95€ *
Shocker AMP Ersatzteil: Hauptplatine (Export)
Shocker AMP Spare Part: Main Board
Shocker AMP Main Board SHK417 This is the main board for the Shocker AMP. This board is the export version (all fire modes) The acquisition and possession is permitted in Germany, but the installation and use may only take place abroad....
59.95€ *
Shocker AMP Ersatzteil: Solenoid
Shocker AMP Spare Part: Solenoid
Factory solenoid for Shocker AMP markers.
89.95€ *
Shocker AMP Ersatzteil: Augen
Shocker AMP Spare Part: Vision Harness
This is a full set of eye wires, plug, and sensors to replace the vision system in your Shocker AMP. Wether you have damaged a sensor, or torn a wire, these will get you back on the field ASAP! The Shocker AMP vision sensors are mounted...
19.95€ *
Shocker AMP Griffschalen, schwarz
Shocker AMP Stock Grips
The Shocker AMP stock grips in black
24.95€ *
Shocker Blade Abzug
Shocker Blade Trigger
The Blade Trigger for the Shocker is a factory part with the same great fit and finish of your stock trigger. The gloss black anodizing, matches your factory accents, and utilizes the same dual sealed ball bearings to ensure smooth...
39.95€ *
Shocker CVO Ventil (komplett)
Shocker CVO valve complete
complete Shocker CVO Valve
124.95€ *
Shocker Detent Set
Shocker Detent Kit
The ball detents in the Shocker XLS and RSX are engineered for incredibly long life, and will likely never wear out. However, if your looking for piece of mind, or have a tendency to loose parts this detent kit will give you a full...
10.95€ *
Shocker Drop Back Rail
Shocker Drop Back Rail
The drop back rail for the Shocker pushes the air source adapter(ASA) back toward the player. The rail also lowers the ASA approximately 1/2 inch which raises the marker slightly in the sight picture of the player. This repositioning...
29.95€ *
Shocker NXT Griffrahmenschraube
Shocker NXT Gripframe Screw
This screw connects the gripframe to the body of the marker. Fits Shocker NXT
1.90€ * 2.90€ *
Shocker NXT/SFT Schrauben Set
Shocker NXT/SFT Screw Kit
Full set of screws that are used in the Shocker NXT and Shocker SFT. Compatible with: Shocker SFT, Shocker NXT
19.90€ *
Shocker RSX Accent Set
Shocker RSX Accent Kit
These custom accent kits for the Shocker RSX allow you to personalize your marker to fit your style. Each kit is the same high quality anodization and fit as your original parts guaranteed to fit without modification. The kit contains: -...
99.95€ *
Shocker RSX Techmatte
Shocker RSX Custom Tech Mat
This neoprene mat is perfect for working on your Shocker XLS or RSX without scratching the body on your work surface. The back is textured and grippy to keep it in place during even the most intense cleaning sessions. Aside from its...
24.95€ *
Shocker RSX Ersatzteil: Bolzen komplett
Shocker RSX Spare Part: Bolt complete
Being phased into production November 2015, this blue bolt replaces the gold bolt as the standard armature to the bolt system. There is no performance difference between the two parts, the only difference is that the main bolt sail...
34.95€ *
Shocker RSX Ersatzteil: Regulator Basis
Shocker RSX Spare Part: Regulator Base
Shocker RSX Regulator Base SHK126 The regulator base as a spare part for the Vertical Regulator of the Shocker RSX.
9.95€ *
Shocker RSX Ersatzteil: Regulator Piston
Shocker RSX Spare Part: Regulator Piston
Shocker RSX Regulator Piston VRG105 The Shocker RSX Regulator Piston as a replacement for the Vertical Regulator of the Shocker RSX.
9.95€ *
Shocker Ersatzteil: Displayabdeckung inkl. Ein/Aus Knopf
Shocker Screen Cover & Power Button Kit
This is the improved display cover of the Shocker XLS including the power button. Also compatible with RSX models, so it can be used as an upgrade to better protect the on/off switch from the elements.
9.95€ *
Shocker Ersatzteil: Feedneckhebel Set
Shocker Spare Part: Feed Tube Lever Set
The feed tube lever for the Shocker XLS and RSX This spare part is the complete feed tube lever assembly for the Shocker consisting of: SSC006 OB9004 QLK206 QLK205 SHK133
19.95€ *
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