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Tomahawk cal.50 "Fifty Classic" paintballs, 500 bag

Tomahawk cal.50 "Fifty Classic" paintballs, 500 bag
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Tomahawk cal.50 "Fifty Classic" paintballs belong to the class of classic paintballs  ... more
Product information "Tomahawk cal.50 "Fifty Classic" paintballs, 500 bag"

Tomahawk cal.50 "Fifty Classic" paintballs belong to the class of classic paintballs


The following classes of paintballs are distinguished

High End Tournament, Tournament, Classic, Field, Basic and 2nd choice


As the name suggests, the Classic from Tomahawk is an all-round paintball that is made for the recreational player. The quality of the balls is good enough to be used as an inexpensive tournament ball. These paintballs are convincing in terms of flight characteristics and breakage behavior.


Scope of delivery: a box with 8 bags of 500 paintballs each



Class explanation:

Field Paint in general means that this product is specially designed for use on the field and for training.

The marking properties are sufficient, the balls are more stable than brittle. The vast majority of almost 2/3 of all paintballs sold worldwide fall into this class.

A product optimized in price, with safe functionality.


Field Paint is the number one choice on the field, for rental equipment or for training, where quality and price are both right.



General note on paintballs:

Paintballs are a living, breathing product, like fruit in the fresh produce section of the supermarket. If you choose and use it correctly, you will have a lot of fun with it, but problems can arise if you use it incorrectly.


- Paintballs should be stored dry at +15°C to +25°C and protected from direct sunlight.

- The gelatin cover attracts humidity, paintballs swell and become soft and bigger: Therefore, always close the bags tightly. This rule also applies during a match day on the pitch.

- Gelatine becomes brittle in the cold (below +10°C) and thus more fragile.

- Gelatine softens with heat (above +30°C) and is therefore less brittle.


"Too brittle" paintballs should therefore be carefully warmed up and "too hard" paintballs should be cooled down in a controlled manner in order to influence their properties as desired.


Application example:

It's a cold spring morning, outside temperature below +5°C, the paint bursts in the barrel.

Warm up the bag in the warm car and close it before it cools down. This will significantly reduce the problems.

Alternatively, buy a paintball with winter formula or a real winter paint.


The purchase of paintballs, like fruit and vegetables or meat, is a matter of trust, the paintball's true properties are rarely seen from the outside. Therefore, strict quality controls, safe transport and good needs assessment are important to be happy with the product.


The most expensive paintball is always the one that doesn't work!

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